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Outreach and Investigations: State Capitol Restoration

Austin 2015

Learning from the Austin initiative to update and maintain their Capitol as a 21st century working seat of government. 

Boise Capitol 2016

Visiting Boise Idaho’s Capitol of Light.

Boise Hospitality 2016

A Rich Fabric of Hospitality in Idaho’s People’s House

Boise Tree Reuse 2016

Enterprising Artists Used Wood of Historic Trees from Boise’s Capitol Project to Craft an Idaho Legacy

Utah Capitol Visit 2017

Visiting Utah's Capitol

Wyoming Capitol Visit 2017

Wyoming Capitol Square Project

Supreme Court of the United States

Visiting the United States Supreme Court

Library of Congress

Visiting the United States Library of Congress

Thurgood Marshall Building

Innovative Shared Work Spaces at the Thurgood Marshall Building 

Virginia State Capitol 

Visiting Virginia's "People's House"

United States Capitol

Hospitality at the United States Capitol Visitor Center

Nevada State Capitol 

Learning from Nevada’s Capitol, a “People’s House” accessible to all

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