SB 836 (Budget Act of 2016/Chapter 31, Statutes of 2016)

In 2016, the Legislature passed SB 836 which was subsequently signed by the Governor.  SB 836 provides funding for a project to address deficiencies in the existing State Capitol Building Annex, a specific building that is home to the Legislative Branch of California Government. Click HERE to read more about SB 836.

SB 840 (Budget Act of 2018/Chapter 29, Statutes of 2018)

The Budget Act of 2018 added funds to the State Project Infrastructure Fund to support the Annex project.  Upon the transfer to Contingent Funds of the Legislature, monies are protected by both Statutory Annex Project control language and Proposition 140’s limitation upon legislative operating budget funds.

AB 1826 (Chap. 40, Statutes of 2018)

The Legislature also passed AB 1826 which was subsequently signed by the Governor.  This bill provides key authorities to advance Annex project plus compliance Cal. Const. Article IV, Section 28 West Wing rules.  Click HERE to read more about AB 1826.

AB 2667 (Chap. 283, Statutes of 2018)

In 2018, the Legislature passed AB 2667 which requires incorporating design elements that compliment the historic West Wing and convey the heritage of symbols left by California's founders in the new Capitol Annex.  The heritage of symbols seen in the West Wing will be incorporated to promote education and hospitality to all who visit California’s People’s House.  Click HERE to read more about AB 2667.

Advancing Implementation

The new annex project funding statute, SB 836 of 2016, contemplates that as a precondition to its implementation, the Legislature must necessarily deliberate upon and make choices among possible alternatives as to the specifics of such a remedial project.  Click HERE to read more about the need for systematic planning to further SB 836 implementation.

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